Let's get to growing.


A Few Words About Us

Small town Indoor grower.

7+years of indoor growing, with a life time of playing with plants outdoors.

This Is Why

I made this company

Passion for growing

I've been around plants my whole life from yellow thornless raspberries to a maple tree that my brother and I turned into a bush tree. I just can't stop and won't stop.

Awarness to growing

I wish to bring awareness to indoor growing and growing in general. Within 5 years we will be losing a lot of our farmers to old age and retirement. So that be said who is going to replace them?


I plan to bring forward all the knowledge and tricks I have learned so far and what we will discover in the future.

One of Our

Current Projects

This is the tent Auir where I grow my basil for restaurants and produce my clones. Its a 6×6 tent, led lighting, inline fan, small fans, and currently a small oiled filled heater for the cold nights.