A Few Words

About Us

A Few Words About Us

A small town indoor grower. i have been growing for 7 years indoors and have been around plants since I was a little kid. that being yellow sweet thornless raspberries and roses that didn’t smell put produced bundles upon bundles of small 1-inch roses. I wish to bring quality product and information to the masses. I promise growing anything isn’t scary plus once its growing patience is the game easy.

Indoor growing/future of growing

I believe that indoor growing is something that should not be looked at lightly. For one some not all have excess space that could be used to produce healthy organic food for you or a family. Maybe not even that you can just grow for the sake of learning a new skill or plant. I wish to inspire anyone to grow anything anytime they want. snow outside? or maybe its 110F outside? doesn’t matter to the indoor grower. plus, it’s a challenge to figure these situations out. It’s amazing what a couple of excess blankets or sleeping bags can do for you. Let’s go on a journey of growing and inspiring because like it or not the next generation of growers is us. the old generation is sadly coming to an end. (Thank you for all your hard work, Calise hands, stiff backs, and sunburns for days.) It’s our responsibility to take the mantel. let’s run with it.